My Dark Side

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What leads someone to lie? What influences a person to steal? Could it be someone’s personality that causes someone to cheat? Enclosed inside every piece of literature exists a remarkable amount of conflict. Whether it be a small, nonessential problem between the characters or a gargantuan, immeasurable issue within the main character, majority of readers would quickly lose interest if these conflicts did not exist. As a result, authors add such conflicts to rise the excitement to their literature. Similarly, enclosed inside every person lies a dark side usually involving something they purposely try to hide or conceal. Deep within me exists my jealous side. Jealousy is known to twist human emotions and is known to lead to harm and revenge towards others. On the other hand, the type of jealousy I possess is manifested only in relationships and I have a hard time shutting it out. This jealous dark side of mine adds conflict to majority of my relationships resulting in many arguments that eventually lead to separation.

One may conclude that jealousy is a result of insecurity, lack...
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