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Jealousy. Jealousy can make us become things that we do not wish to be, and we can become those things without us even knowing it. And is it even worth it? Jealousy is definitely at its highest point when it comes to love. If you see the person who you are in love with and they are with someone else, that is the worst feeling to have. Jealousy like no other will take over you. Examples of jealousy are found throughout the book In the Book Jake, Reinvented, there are a lot of cases of jealousy between people and their relationships, jealousy of wanting to have someone else’s popularity, material possessions or just having a girl. The jealousy in this book is very evident and I’ll show you the examples.

First let me explain the main characters. The main characters in this book include Rick, Todd, Didi, Jennifer and of course Jake. Rick is the main protagonist in the story and he is probably considered the nice guy. Rick is a kicker and back up Quarter Back (behind Todd) for the football team. Rick isn’t the biggest drinker and when it comes to beer he says it tastes like sand. He has been a friend with Jennifer for most of his life because they are family friends and even took baths together when they were younger, he has a bit of a crush on her but she only sees him as a friend, at least that’s what he thinks. When the new kid Jake comes to town Rick is considered his best friend and is loyal to him throughout the book, even to the end when Jake is in court. Todd was the hot shot of the group, he was the most popular guy in school and the Quarter Back for the foot ball team. Todd is a bit self-centered and he uses people and spreads rumors to get things his way. Being the most popular guy in school he is dating the most popular ...

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...ater in the book Rick is no longer jealous of Todd and he isn’t afraid to confront him at the party. As quoted on page 143 “Don’t push me, I warned. If it comes down to you or Jake, I choose Jake. I’ll rat you out!” This doesn’t end well with how Nelson strangled Jake, considering Didi had to hit him over the head with a champagne bottle to save Jakes life. Nelson had to go to the hospital and it turns out that Jake takes the blame for Didi when the cops arrive, so in the end the jealousy wasn’t worth it.
Through all the examples of jealousy between the team, Jake, Rick, Didi, Nelson, or Todd it never really worked out. The party scene was over after Jake had to leave and things just weren’t the same, all because of the jealousy that broke them apart. That is why you could definitely conclude that jealousy isn’t worth it in the end.

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jake, reinvented
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