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Summary of Experience Ms. Horwath has experience in aquatic ecology and fisheries biology spanning freshwater and marine environments. Her work has ranged from aquaculture to endangered species conservation, with much of her field experience focused in lotic and near-shore ecosystems of southern and central California. She has worked with sensitive fish, amphibian, reptile, avian, and invertebrate species, including species listed as threatened and endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the California Endangered Species Act. Ms. Horwath has conducted population and habitat assessments, presence/absence surveys, sensitive species rescues, and construction monitoring. She also has monitored water quality conditions supporting …show more content…

Horwath assisted with fish sampling in Calleguas Creek for toxicology analysis. Sampling was conducted by seine netting, gill netting, and dip netting. Species sampled included carp, fathead minnow, arroyo chub, green sunfish, California killifish, goldfish, mosquitofish, and prickly sculpin. 2012-2014. Role – Santa Ynez River Upper Basin Habitat and Water Temperature Study – Santa Barbara County, CA Ms. Horwath led a water temperature monitoring study to assess habitat suitability for southern California steelhead in tributaries of the Santa Ynez River upstream of Bradbury Dam. Responsibilities included study design, implementation in the field, data analyses, mapping, and report writing. 2013. Role – Santa Clara River Fish Population Survey – Los Angeles County, CA Ms. Horwath assessed fish species presence and abundance in the Santa Clara River near Santa Clarita. Sampling was conducted by snorkeling and habitat quality for aquatic species was also evaluated. Ms. Horwath presented results in a technical report. 2014. Role – Sycamore Creek Fish Rescue – Santa Barbara County, …show more content…

Horwath conducted many subtidal surveys on SCUBA in southern California and handled marine fish and invertebrates while assisting with research programs while an undergraduate student at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). She worked with the Lenihan Lab in UCSB’s Bren School for Environmental Science and Management; with Dr. Jack Engle for the Multi-agency Rocky Intertidal Network, a long-term monitoring program on the West coast of the U.S. with over 90 monitoring sites, and for the Channel Islands Research Program, a long-term subtidal expedition program that includes sites at all eight Channel Islands; and with Reef Check California as a survey coordinator/leader. 2005-2009. Reptiles & Amphibians Role – Piru Creek Diversion Sediment Maintenance Project Biological Monitoring – Location Ms. Horwath surveyed the project area for sensitive species. She monitored sediment excavation activities within the diversion pond for southern western pond turtles, two-striped garter snake, and southern California steelhead. Monitoring was conducted per the project’s Streambed Alteration Agreement, Special-Status Species Protection Plan, and guidance from NMFS. 2015. Role – Moapa Solar Facility Desert Tortoise Clearance Surveys, Tracking, Health Assessments, & Monitoring – Las Vegas, NV Ms. Horwath assisted with rescues of desert tortoises from an 800-acre property near Las Vegas, Nevada, prior to construction of a large solar development on the

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