Mrs. Davis 's Life And Times

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This is the first source that I came across in my research of Mrs. Davis, and the most current, having been published in 2006. This is an interesting bibliography, because it is about Mrs. Davis’ life and times, and does not focus too much attention towards the Civil War, as a main source of information. The strengths of this source, are that it focuses on Mrs. Davis as an individual standing out from behind her husband’s famous shadow. It examines her as an opinioned, intellectual, and independent woman, who was courageous enough to stand up for her beliefs, even if it caused her to have a turbulent marriage. She kept in contact with her relations and friends in the North, doing this of course at her husband’s disapproval. The weaknesses with this source, are that some of the explanations regarding her life with her husband and her relationships with her parents and children, do not go into much detail. I would have liked there to have been more information about her letters and the details within them, especially with her correspondence with her family. The relationships to other sources that I have found, have been that each describe her as a well-educated for the time period, as well as head strong and assertive in her ways. They also examine how she was in love with her husband, however he never really got over his first wife, and was rumored to have had an affair with Virginia Clay. The marriage was not as emotional as it was physical, producing seven children. Ross, Ishbel. First Lady of the South: The Life of Mrs. Jefferson Davis. New York: Harper, 1958. One of the first biographies written about Mrs. Davis, is remotely similar to Cashin’s version, however in this original version, Ross does not portray Mr... ... middle of paper ... ...r legacy is how she preserved, despite her husband being a leader of a lost cause. Jefferson Davis often comes in second to Abraham Lincoln, when it comes to comparing leadership skills. Mrs. Davis’ also took a backseat to Mrs. Lincoln, who was often in the press more, but received a lot of negative attention, due to her frivolously spending. Although the book touches more upon the Jefferson’s during the war years, it demonstrates Mrs. Davis as being a strong willed woman who does not give up easily, especially on her husband. I feel as if she may have spent her life to win him over in her favor. It is evident in this source, that he did not feel as if she was loyal to him, because of her strong views and relations in the north. The source does not go into actual facts about their marriage, but rather information simply about their roles within the Civil War.
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