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Johnny cash, the man in black is a country legend, him and the Tennessee two, made a name for themselves in the mid 50's. There orignal songs where gospil, but when trying to get a record deal was turned down for the gospil ,but then played a song Johnny cash wrote. The first hit was "Cry,Cry,Cry", other hits were " i walk the line","folsom Prison blues" , and others such as " man in black"" Hey Porter", and " get rhythm". Johnny cash marride his early wife Vivian Liberto in 1954, and moved to Memphis, Tennessee.His band The Tennessee two consited of Luther Perkins and bass player Marshall Grant. They were known for there sound, people say they had a "boom-chik-a-Boom" sound like a train. Johnny wore dark clothing which got him the name "man in black", and hestarted his performanced with the simple entrance "Hello im Johnny Cash". {wikipedia}

According to wikipedia Johnny Cash was born in kingsland arkansas, though he was never given a real name, he was called J.r while a child, then when he got older people called him Johnny.When he turned five Johnny helped out on his fathers farm with his mom, dad, and older brother.Johnny had a rough childhood, not only the untimely death of his brother, but his abusive father made things worse.Johnnyjoined the air force as a radio operator in Landsberg am Lech, Germany.where he joined a band called the Landsberg Barbarians.afterhis term he married Vivian Liberto and moved to Memphis where he was a radio salesman, and studied to be a radio announser. Cash where for a record deal at sun records, where he sung mostly gospil, and Sam Phillips the owner of sun records said " go home and sin, then come back with a song I can sell.", cash won over sun records and relese...

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performed a couple of surprise shows at the Carter Family Fold outside Bristol, Virginia. At the May 21, 2003 concert, before singing

"Ring of Fire", Cash read a statement about his late wife that he had written before taking the stage. He spoke of how her

spirit was watching over him and how she had come to visit him before going on stage. He barely made it through the song. Despite

his health issues, he talked of looking forward to the day when he could walk again and toss his wheelchair into the lake near his

home.Less than four months after his wife's death, Johnny Cash died at the age of 71 due to complications from diabetes, which

resulted in respiratory failure, while hospitalized at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. He was interred next to his wife in

Hendersonville Memory Gardens near his home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. {wikipedia}

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how cash became addicted to amphetamines in the early 1960s. the hit song "ring of fire" was written by june carter and merle kilgore.
  • Describes how johnny cash and the tennessee two made a name for themselves in the mid 50's.
  • Explains that cash felt compassion for prisoners, and performed at various prisons, including folsom prison and san quentin.
  • Explains how johnny cash rediscovered his christian faith after quitting drugs in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  • Explains that cash was diagnosed with shy-drager syndrome, a neurodegenerative deisease, which was later altered to autonomic neuropathy associated with diabetes.
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