John Cash: A Brief Biography Of Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash was widely regarded as the most influential songwriter of the 20th century, known as “The Man in Black,” was admired for his emotional honesty of balladry, anarchy of rock ‘n’ roll, and love struck country music. He was one of the country’s biggest stars in the 1950’s and 60’s with 100 hit singles orchestrated. Cash was born and raised in Kingsland, Arkansas where both his parents were landowners. Poverty did not stop Cash; he wrote songs since the age of twelve and preformed on KLCN radio station in Blytheville, Arkansas, 1950. Nine years later, Cash got signed by Colombia Records and made his first hit single, “Don’t Take Your Guns To Towns,” where it reached the country’s top chart. Cash also overlooked the death of his brother to influence himself and become the legend he is known today. Johnny Cash’s fame reached a point in which the obstacles became too difficult to handle causing his downfall, but various events allowed his life to get back on track. The fact that Cash was blamed for the death of his beloved brother marked a downfall in Cash’s life (Johnny Cash Biography). Jack Cash, his older brother died in a tragic carpentry accident during school. His unloving father, Ray Cash, blamed him for the incident and stated that it would of never happened if he had stopped his brother from going to the School Shop that day. This caused Cash’s sympathetic and dark sense of music. He released a song in 1996 titled, Meet Me In Heaven, which was a song that Cash composed to honor the death of his brother. This event scarred Cash throughout his life. The most impacting memory was that of his brother Jack dying in his arms, looking at his mother and saying he could see heaven and asking her, “will you meet me in heave... ... middle of paper ... ...ears, Cash was not bothered because he knew that he had accomplished greatly in moving past his early life obstacles and living peacefully in the end. Johnny Cash who lived under a non-conformist lifestyle went through various complications that caused a downfall in his life. However with the help of his supportive friends and events, Cash was able to overcome the difficult barriers he faced throughout his lifetime. With the defeat of his life obstacles Cash became widely popular and admired. His unique style of music, which was greatly based on his past, influenced young Americans because they were able to relate with him. Up to this day his music continues to shape the style of many other famous artist in the world. Johnny Cash, known as the “Man in Black,” will always be remembered and admired for his accomplishment in defeating the downfalls of his early life.

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