Mr. Gaudet From Property By Harriet Jacobs Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl?

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Oppression of African American men and women in the United States is largely responsible for the well-known stereotype of white male owners in the late decades of slavery. Wide spread racial supremacy modeled character traits for both fictional and historical characters in American literary history. Mr. Gaudet from property by Valerie Martin and Dr. Flint from Incidents in the life of a slave girl by Harriet Jacobs share three main character traits typical of that for a white slave owner in America: unmerciful, domineering and amoral.
In the American Institute of slavery cruel and unjust punishment was a common reoccurrence that was welcomed by most white male owners. In American historic literature the acceptance of violence by male owners
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Gaudet and Dr. Flint possess. Mr. Gaudet has seemingly convinced himself that he is doing right by the word of God and that his slaves deserve to be punished, as shown by the incident involving five boys that were forced by Mr. Gaudet to do the very thing that he later punishes them for. The most amoral part about that situation is the statement that “ when he comes back to the house he will be in a fine humor, for the rest of the day” indicating that he enjoys punishing the boys (Martin 4). He does not acknowledge that the games he makes the boys play is not morally right, having this amoral trait is not surprising; the institute of American slavery, whose values were held so high by many, was morally unjust. Even though Mr. Gaudet is a fictional character, he rightfully represents the essence of historical white male slave owners, which is why Mr. Gaudet and Dr. Flint share this amoral trait. Dr. Flint shows his trait of immortality through the treatment of his young female slave, it is stated, “ He peopled my young mind with unclean images, such as only a vile monster could think of. I turned from him with disgust and hatred. But he was my master” (Jacobs 34). This wicked, immoral act that subjected a young slave girl to vile images can only be accounted for by stating that Dr. Flint has not moral restraints, or principles, when in comes to matters that involve his slaves. The initial ideas of oppression by means of slavery are the direct cause of immoral owners, as a result of the dreadful cultural norms that were created for American culture while operating on the ideals of slavery as an
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