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The paper explains how the movie 300 used sociological concepts to show how the Spartans lived and conquered as warriors. It used Racism, Identity, Sexism, Dehumanization, Discrimination, and Age Stratification to show why it was okay for a culture to abandon children with disfigurements and why they did so. It also tells why people were so upset about how racist it was. The movie is a good example of how sexism is used in their culture mainly against their woman. And identity because if you are a Spartan then you should have been a very strong willed person and strive to be the best warrior that you could be for Sparta and the King. Keywords: Movie Critique, Sociology, 300, Racism, Identity, Sexism, Dehumanization, Discrimination, Age Stratification. Movie Critique of 300 Introduction This is SPARTA! 300 is a movie about the ancient battle of Thermopylae that was fought in 480 B.C. by King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans. A fight to the death against Xerxes king of Persia and his massive Persian army. Even though the odds were against the brave 300, they still pushed on and sacrificed many strong men and boys to unite against the Persians enemy. (IMDB, 2016) Zack Snyder produced the movie 300 in 2006 and the movie was released on March 9th of 2007. (Snyder, 2006) In the movie 300 there is an overwhelming amount of sociological concepts. Deviant behavior in the king and his men following him even though he had been told not to pursue the battle. Identity, how men have to fall in a certain category to be called a Spartan, you had to look strong as a man and be emotionally strong as a woman when your sons come of age. And sexism because the woman were thought to be strong but only to raise strong Spartan b... ... middle of paper ... ... strong willed people who strive to be the best warriors they could be. They give their woman freedom and only ask them to bear strong Spartan boys to fight. They also make their children leave home at a young age to be the best soldiers. In the movie identity is huge to the Spartans. The men are all strong muscular men with deep voices and beautiful woman. The movie made a lot of Iranians mad, because of how racist it was toward them. They were angry about how they were portrayed in the movie as slaves to an extraordinary King that was 9 foot tall and was clothed in gold and riches. The King and Queen of Sparta were less god like that King Xerxes because they were more of common people compared to him. 300 the movie is a wonderful movie that includes many sociological concepts like culture, sexism, racism, identity, power, discrimination and age stratification.

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