Motivation And Motivation Essay

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Motivation as it relates to Goals and Performance

Everyone is motivated to achieve a goal at some point in the life, however, what people are motivated by, can be very different. Motivation is the desire to do something, which can be initiated by intrinsic or external factors. Some would say that motivation is a crucial element in setting and attaining goals, which companies can benefit from the motivation to work toward those goals to improve overall performance, which in turn benefits the company. While it is important to have a performance review plan that sets goals, it is also equally important to have a plan that motivates employees to want to have a positive evaluation. This would end in a win-win situation for both the employee and the
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When one sets a goal, they should be motivated to achieve that goal due to either an intrinsic (comes from one self) or extrinsic rewards (comes from someone else). The goal setting theory states that goal setting is linked to task performance. The theory suggests that having specific and challenging goals lead to higher and better task performance. When setting goals, they should be clear and concise, realistic and challenging, attainable but far-reaching. When the participation in setting goals are shared, it makes the employee have a personal stake and more involvement which would lead to a higher motivation to reach the goal. There are advantages and disadvantages to the goal setting theory. The advantages raise incentives for them to be effective, increase motivation and effort as well as provide positive and constructive feedback. The limitations in the theory can conflict with the goal, such as lack of skills, complex goals, goal conflict, which would de-motivate one to reach the goal. We set goals for ourselves every day, whether we reach that goal can depend heavily on our motivation to complete

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