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Gambling among men (18-24 years) The nature of the problem and its determinants ‘’Problem gambling is characterized by difficulties in limiting money and or time spent on gambling, which leads to adverse consequences for the gambler, others or for community’’. An estimated 2.5 per cent of Australians experience moderate to severe problems caused by gambling This means that up to 5 million Australians feel the health, social and financial impacts of problem gambling, including friends, families and employers of people with a gambling problem. (Productivity Commission, (2009). Gambling: Issues Paper. Commonwealth of Australia: Canberra) Problem gamblers are significantly more likely than non-problem gamblers to have a mental disorder, depression or an anxiety condition, trauma and hardship in their lives, and to smoke. Compared to non-problem gamblers, they also report a significantly higher number of negative life experiences affecting both themselves and their families, such as divorce, legal difficulties, and financial issues. Determinants - Social - Youth gambling is strongly influenced by the familial, social and cultural norms to which young people are exposed. (Paul delfabbro & Letitia thrupp, 2003) - Parental gambling behavior- researches have shown that parental involvement in gambling is associated with high participation of their children and problems associated with it. (Hardoon, Karen K, Gupta, Derevensky, & Jeffery L, 2004) - Demographic factors-A number of studies have found higher rates of gambling and problem gambling in Indigenous (Australian), Maori and Pacific Islands populations. - Psychologically addictive behavior. - Socio-culture attitudes. - Substance abuse- there is a high evidence of co-occurrence... ... middle of paper ... be needed to bring about successful response to this issue- We need to a continuous support for research on emerging challenges from gambling. In order to address the issue of gambling effectively through research, monitoring and evaluation we need to define and identify problem gamblers. Department of justice (DOJ) can improve evidence based interventions by performance management and reporting system and research programs. How action on this might affect other issues- Gambling affects an individual at personal level causing increased incidents of divorce, family violence, child neglect and at community level a problem gambler tend to resort to fraud, embezzlement or tax invasion. An action to fight unhealthy gambling practice at primary and secondary level will further help reduce the major burden of disease in Australia and improve the health of public.

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