Moral Development Of Huckleberry Finn

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The book takes primarily takes place in the southern part of the United States around the mid 1800s, when slavery was legal. Huckleberry Finn, the main character, was adopted by Widow Douglas, who lives with her sister, Miss Watson. The Widow wanted to raise him properly by making him go to school, use manners and be well groomed. Huckleberry Finn has a friend, Tom Sawyer, who is adventurous and bold. They went on various adventures together, and have become close friends. One night, Huckleberry Finn’s father, Pap, comes to town, and goes into Huck’s room ordering that Huck gives him his money. The Widow and Judge Thatcher try to get full custody of Huck, but another judge says that pap should have more rights. Pap ends up kidnapping Huck a…show more content…
Huck Finn desires a few scenarios throughout the story. Near the beginning of the story when Huck was taken to the cabin by his father, Huck desired to get away from him. He couldn’t take the beatings and the violence much longer, thus he faked his death in order to escape He defied the authority of his father when he left. He didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do, but whenever he came across Jim on Jackson Island, his desire changed. Huck came across many crossroads between deciding what was wrong and right. One of the crossroads he came across was whether or not to help free Jim. It was wrong for a white person to help free a slave back during that time period, so it was tough for him. Several times the thought popped into his head making him question himself if he should keep going or stop helping Jim. This was another time that he defied authority. He defied it by doing what was wrong at the time. In my opinion, Huckleberry Finn is a very courageous and assertive person. Many of his actions performed, such as planning his own death, dressing like a girl to get information, and helping set Jim free are uncommon for a person his age, which makes him more courageous than most. He is an assertive person because he knows what he wants and he is not hesitant to go after it. I respect Huckleberry Finn more than most of the other characters in the story. Huck has been through a lot of different scenarios, like getting abused by his father, but he does not let that drag him down to his father’s level. He grew stronger mentally because of it, which made him have a burning desire in his heart that set him on the journey throughout the course of the book. If I was able to hang around Huck Finn for a day, one question I want an answer to is if he has ever experienced a time where he just wanted to give up on his desire. It would be interesting to hear how he handled the situation. A comment I
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