Monkey King In American Born Chinese

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The Life of the Monkey King Do you know that the best thing to do in life is to accept who you are and be the best of you? American Born Chinese is a very creative novel that graphically analyzes the characters through the use of frame narratives to connect all the ideas together. The novel depicts Monkey King as the ruler of Flower - Fruit Mountain, who was born from a rock and lived thousands of years; he mastered the heavenly disciplines. Despite being a powerful creature, he was also a violent Monkey, who is always ready to fight.
The first time Monkey King showed his violent attitude, was when he was not allowed to go in for the party for the gods, the goddesses, the demons, and the spirits. Monkey King loves dinner parties very …show more content…

Yang says, " The Great Sage decided to perform for him the discipline of Giant Form" (64). He showed him the discipline four, invulnerability to wounds; he was so angry that they do not believe that he is a Great Sage after all the forty days and nights he spent training, meditating, and trying to achieve the four major disciplines, therefore, he starts fighting with the guards. They cut his head off, which means nothing to him, then he starts stomping on people. The Dragon King was for sure convinced that he gave him a parting …show more content…

After killing all the demons and saving his master's life, he decided to follow his master on a journey to serve him: "On this journey, we have no need for shoes" (Yang 159). Yang made us understand that he threw away his shoes, which symbolize acceptance. The Monkey King has come to realized that he is just a Monkey that does not need to be a god or anyone else, and he does not need shoes: “The Monkey King accompanied Wong Lai-Tsao on his journey to the West and served him faithfully until the very end” (Yang 160). This is a sign of total commitment to his

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