Midiwich Cuckoos

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The author’s choice of the title of “The Midwich Cuckoos” has a great impact on the reader’s first impression of the text. A title is a short descriptive phrase that is designed to catch a reader’s eye and creates anticipation, expectations or disinterests in the reader's mind. The title of the text “The Midwich Cuckoos” is very effective because the title relates to the antagonists of the story. The word ‘Cuckoos’ in the novels title is in reference to the bird “Cuckoos”. Cuckoos are brood parasites, which lay their eggs in the nest of other birds. The cuckoos egg hatches earlier than the host’s, and the cuckoo chick grows faster.
The climax of the text is used efficiently within the text “The Midwich Cuckoos” to create an intense feeling in the reader’s mind when something dramatic is about to happen. A climax is the critical point in a piece of literature at which the protagonist is either about to win or loss. It is one of the most exciting parts of the story and makes a piece of work more interesting in the reader's mind. The climax of the story is always followed by an intense feeling called suspense. Suspense allows the reader to think of a conclusion in their own mind. An example of climax is when “”. This example of climax has generated an intense feeling in the reader’s mind and has effectively allowed the reader to think of their own conclusion.
The plot of the story “The Midwich Cuckoos” has played an important role in moving the story from the beginning to the end. A plot is a text structure device which is defined as a sequence of events that make up a story. It is the most important part of any literature because it helps the reader to identify the main purpose that is being conveyed by the story. The general plot o...

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...eates a sense of realism in the story and shows the reader where the story is set and where the characters come from. Colloquialism is an effective way of writing dialogues and direct speeches as it lets the reader know. An example of colloquialism in Wyndham’s writing is when “”.
The author’s use of chronological order has played an important role in enhancing the reader’s experience of the text. Chronological order is an arrangement of events following one after another in time. The authors use of chronological order has helped identify the reader the order of events in the story. It has helped to keep the story coherent and is a way to let the reader know what period of time the story took place in. The chronological order also lets the reader know that the order of events occurred is important to understand the plot. An example of chronological order is when “”.
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