Microeconomics Reflection

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What is Microeconomics? This question was left unanswered when I initially enrolled in this course. Microeconomics is the social science that studies the implications of individual human actions, specifically about how those decisions affect the utilization and distribution of scarce resources. Microeconomics shows how and why different goods have different values, how individuals create more efficient or more productive decisions, and how individuals best coordinate and cooperate with one another. Microeconomics does not try to explain what should happen in a market, but instead only explains what to expect if certain conditions change. For instance, If the price of the new iPhone 8 is higher than the previous model will the consumer buy it? There are several elements that will play into getting an answer for this question, but gives you a general idea of what microeconomics entails.
The definition of microeconomics was presented a high level, and I was still left drawing a blank trying to discover how this method of social science correlated to my everyday life. Starting from week one Professor Julie Pelia assigned us topics that engaged our minds, and I quickly began to see how the various components of Microeconomics fit into my life. This summary of Microeconomics will cover some of …show more content…

There are two types of economic systems that a society may adhere to; which are polar opposites. The Command system, also known as communism or socialism. In a command economy, the government owns the majority of the resources, and all decisions for the society is made based on a central plan. The command system has been adopted by countries such as the Soviet Union, China and North Korea. This economic system is commonly used by countries under a dictatorship. Despite the negative aura surrounding a dictatorship this system does have its pros and

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