Methamphetamines: Poor Man’s Cocaine

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Addiction to Methamphetamine is becoming an epidemic in California. Addiction can be described as a condition where the body forms a physical or psychological habit/dependence towards anything and is irrepressible. Addicts develop tolerance by becoming immune to the amount of drug that they are using, causing them to increase the dose to receive the same effect. Methamphetamine is a Type II stimulant, which means it is highly addictive. It causes physical type changes similar to the fight-or-flight response — it increases heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and body temperature. It is long lasting and contaminates the dopamine nerve terminals in the central nervous system. It is a white sour-tasting powder used orally, snorted or injected, and smoked. Methamphetamine has no sympathy on any person, and it does not discriminate. Allowing it in your life will ruin your relationships, your health, and your self-respect.

There are many factors that play a part in using drugs and becoming addicted. A parent having a problem with addiction makes you more vulnerable to following into their footsteps. Genetically you can inherit addiction by 50 percent. There are a lot of people who have medical problems and by nature we are inpatient and want for our pain to be relieved and relieved quickly, therefore, causing some people to turn to illegal drugs like meth. Meth is also used to avoid feelings, memories, and situations like child abuse. Personality can also be a cause of addiction, if a person is curious, has aggression, lack of confidence, or lack of self-esteem it may seem easier for them to turn to a drug that can make them feel better. Most of the time that is not enough and they tend to use more just so they can feel “normal”. ...

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