Metamorphosis Analysis

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” “In a Good Man is Hard To Find” the Grandmother expresses herself as a lady of upmost standards. In actuality, she lives as a Grandmother from the old South whose mouth runs on its own. The Metamorphosis includes Gregor Samsa a self-proclaimed family man who tries to take on all of the responsibilities in the Samsa household. His way of living seems great for everyone, but at the same time does not seem necessary. In A Good Man is Hard to Find” and The Metamorphosis, The Grandmother and Gregor despite being completely different, also share very similar qualities. They differ in values, but in the same way they are irresponsible and nuisances to the people around them. As individuals Gregor and The Grandmother mostly share contrasting…show more content…
The appearance of both characters differs considerably. The Grandmother considers herself as a “Lady” and tries her best to maintain it. She wears a navy blue dress with various colorful accessories in case of an unfortunate event to always maintain that “Lady” image. Gregor however, believes his self-image remain the least of his worries. Even through the difficulty of getting out of bed because of the transformation of his body into a beetle, his focus remains on getting to work. Gregor realizes that even though he may look like a beetle, he still needs to take care of his responsibilities. Gregor’s mindset keeps him sacrificing for his family and not thinking of himself. He wants his family to live in a big house but doesn’t mind sleeping in the smallest room the size of a closest. Gregor intends to live lavishly for his family, but not for himself. The Grandmother however, insists on living life all about herself. Even though her family agrees on going to Florida she insists on going to Tennessee because of personal preference. She tries to convince the family by saying a Misfit
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