Merton's Strain Theory

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In terms of culture goals and means to attain them, describe each of the five modes of adaptation that Merton outlined in strain theory. The first mode of Merton’s strain theory is conforming (or conformists). The best way to explain this would be that these individuals “that accept both the culturally-defined goals, and the societally-defined goals, and the socially-restricted means of achieving such goals, as legitimate. These are individuals that advance (or better themselves) through education or strive for advancements in their current occupations. They strive to become a social success by working hard and following the path that is socially acceptable to gain this success. The second mode is innovation. Merton described the individuals

In this essay, the author

  • Explains merton's five modes of adaptation, namely conforming and conformists, in terms of culture goals and means to attain them.
  • Analyzes how merton defines innovation as people who continue to embrace monetary success but turn to crime od deviance upon realization that their social status or experience limits access to legitimate means for success.
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