Mercury Essay

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There are eight planets in our solar system. The first planet closest to the sun is Mercury. Therefore, Mercury is the hottest planet. Mercury’s surface is cold. However, in the daytime Mercury can get as hot as 840 degrees fahrenheit, which is 450 degrees celsius. During night time the temperature can decrease to 275 degrees fahrenheit, or -170 degrees celsius. Mercury is the smallest planet. Mercury is the quickest planet to move around the sun. Its speed is approximately 112,000 mph along its elliptical orbit. Mercury can move around the sun in 88 days. There are craters in mercury, and scientist believe ice is in the craters. Venus is the second planet from the sun. Venus is the planet with the most volcanos. Surprisingly, scientist have…show more content…
Earth is made up of approximately 71% of water. A majority of this water is from the oceans. It is estimated that one fifth of the planet includes oxygen made by plants. The Earth floats around on its axis in 23.434 hours, that being said it takes the earth 365.26 days to circle the sun. Air is around the Earth it thins out the farther it is from the surface. The fourth planet from the sun is Mars. “Mars is named after a mythological figure-the Roman God of War. Due to Mars color it is also known as the red planet. Mercury is the tiniest planet then Mars. Scientist have found that mars has the largest mountain compared to the other planets. Furthermore, this mountain is named Olympus Mons, it is a shield volcano, it is 21 km high and 600 km in diameter. Scientist have discovered recent lava on the planet, therefore the volcano may still be active. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. It includes 4 rings. It has 67 moons too. The surface temperature is -108 degrees celsius. Jupiter is the fourth shiniest object in the the sky. Jupiter has the shortest amount of days, hence 9 hours and 55 minutes. Jupiter will orbit the sun every 118 Earth years. The red spot on Jupiter is an enormous storm on the planet. The storm has occurred for 350 years. 3 Earths can fit in the red
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