Members of the Basketball Hall Of Fame

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The basketball Hall of Fame that represents that comes together.
John Naismith became A hall of Fame because he became an old physical instructor that knew many things in life about basketball. He was an instructor from a local YMCA he made a game where basketball was made inside thats made from football and baseball season. he developed an original 13 rules to the game of basketball to show many people what they can do in a game. John Naismith made another team to play from different couLinn, C. (2003). Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame: Springfield, Massachusetts. Architectural Record, 191(1), 140.ntry or different world to join the Olympic sport in 1936.
Next person would be Larry J. Bird, he was a man that came from a small town in Indiana where he took his High School basketball team to the State Sectional Championship, then he became a small forward when he played with the Celtics. He shared his 27 Celtics records when he bought 3 more NBA championship to the Celtics in Boston.
Scottie Pippen he was one of the best players when he played for the Chicago Bulls from 1996 to 2004. He glanced the NBA hardwood for 17 season he established himself an elite player. He became a key factor when he played for the Chicago bulls and was the NBA champion when he played with Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and many other players that played on the Chicago bulls for the long time. Scottie Pippen became an 8 time all- Defensive player for the first team that he played for and won 2 gold medals when he became the 1st member of the Dream team.
John Stockton he was played on a team called the Utah Jazz he was a point guard, his number was retired in Salt Lake city in Utah. They have a statue of him at the Utah Jazz stadium. John Stoc...

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...ames that he has ever played before. Then he became a manager for the charlotte bobcats so he can make more money to help his family out so he can do a good job. He is the best player in the NBA in all time he even played in a movie called Space Jam where he joined the looney toons to make them keep the show. He was the most best defensive player of the year he made the team really good then he won a 6 time NBA championship with the team so that they can be good.
Inclusion that all this greatest basketball players and coaches are better people around the world that can show how basketball can play and how good you can be if you or some other people play from different teams or a team that can make you feel good in a good idea thats why all these people got offered to be the best people that got offered to be in the hall of fame cause they know how good they can be.

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