Quebec’s Campaign for Independence

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One of the issues in Canada is Quebec’s campaign for independence. Quebec is one of the Canadian states. Quebecers mostly speak French and make up 25 per cent of population of Canada. Quebecers consider as they are one of the nations because they have been living there since 1608 but in contrast, Canada was founded in 1867. Since the 1960s till now campaign for Quebec’s sovereignty has been a big issue in Canada. However, Canada crossed the movement. Also Canada’s alliance, the United States views this issue with its own notions. They keep insist that there are no meanings and benefits Quebec become one of the sovereign nations. Quebecers oppose the notion, of course, and state there are meanings and evidences Quebec can be independence. Quebec can be sovereign nation because they have powers and skills to survive as one nation. They keep arguing and seeking for independence still. This essay will talk about opinions of Canada’s opposition, notion of Canada’s alliance, the United States, and thoughts and evidences that state Quebec can be sovereign country.

Once Quebec was asked to vote in a referendum on sovereignty before and of course, Quebecers wanted it. However, Canada denounced movement because Canadians consider that they can find new ways to reinforce duality of Canada and to protect Quebec’s distinctiveness within Canada. Quebecers raised actions for sovereignty several times, however, all were failed no matter through they increase support for sovereignty. Quebecers consider that Canadians will subsume their culture and languages under Canada’s English majority although Canada doesn’t intend so. Between 1976 and 1996, so many English Quebecers left Quebec and drained the province of vital skills and resources b...

... middle of paper ... yet. Quebec will not cease from seeking sovereignty and also Canada will not accept the campaign because Canada considers that they can share and protect both Quebec and Canada’s lands, culture, languages, economies, etc. but Quebecers don’t think so. They consider like their land, culture, language, economy will be utilized and subsumed under Canadian rules/systems. Also the United States doesn’t have clear answer for this issue so Quebec and Canada either cannot ask for support. There are several evidences and benefits Quebec becomes sovereign nation but by these reasons and situations Quebec cannot be sovereign nation yet. This issue influences whole Canada (including Quebec) and also the United State so it will be long time before this issue is solved no matter through no one can predict which will gain one’s right, Quebec’s sovereignty or Canada’s duality.

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