Medicine: A Career In The Future Of Medicine

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Future of Medicine
Every time I think of the field I want to go into, the first and the most important thing that comes to my mind is that it should be something related to biology. I have been a science person all my life, and hence it is inevitable that I will go for a profession which gives me an opportunity to learn and discover science more deeply. In addition to this, it is also vital to choose a career, which can assure the availability of a reasonably paying job to support my needs. For me as a person, I will consider my life to be successful only if I could do something for the community and the world. After analyzing all my expectations from my profession, I have chosen to go into health care profession, one of the most designated
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Science and technology are the two tools, which have helped the human race to control the nature up to a great extent. These are also the most rapidly changing areas, and they are strongly interdependent on each other. New discoveries in science lead to a better and more efficient technology; while new inventions in the technology help to discover and study science more deeply and accurately. Health care is a profession that uses both these tools to achieve the noblest cause ever possible- that is nothing but saving people’s lives. Obviously, advancement in the existing technologies will change the ways physicians diagnose, analyze, and cure patients. Having better machines for ultrasounds, MRI, PET scans will let the physicians concentrate more on the options to treat the diseases rather than diagnosing them as accurately as possible. One of the exciting reasons why I chose medicine as my future profession is actually the fact that it is changing every minute and I will always have something new to learn. Biology, technology, excitement, and community service are the perfect qualities possessed by a profession in health sciences that will give me the satisfaction of choosing the right
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