Medical Marijauna: A Potential Life Saver

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Medical Marijuana; A Potential Life Saver.

Many people all over the world suffer from epilepsy, a serious disease where if one is exposed to flashing lights he or she will experience a seizure. Some people have special medication to cope with the seizures, some have to go under surgery and others do not know where to turn. Studies have been conducted and doctors are leaning towards medical marijuana as a possible option. This marijuana is not the typical “Cheech and Chong stoner” kind of marijuana. In fact one cannot even get high off of it.

Imagine being a kid that has to worry about if he or she took their medication before they go to watch the new episode of “Pokémon” on Saturday morning. While all the other kids are growing up playing any video game they please these children that suffering from Epilepsy must restrain them selves from playing. If they are exposed to rapid flashing lights it usually coincides with them experiencing a deadly seizure. When someone begins to endure one of these seizures they go completely brain dead and collapse right where they are standing. As they loose consciousness their muscles also begin to contract, which causes the person to flail his or her limbs in an unnatural fashion. Also their jaw muscles begin to spasm as well and the person can end up biting his or her tongue, which can lead in choking on pieces of tongue or the blood coming from the wound. While all of that is going on the victim can also have involuntary bowel movements. On top of all of that these seizures can be spontaneous lasting about ten minutes, anything longer then that can be very catastrophic to the victim. “Fortunately, most seizures stop on their own after a couple minutes. Any that last longer than five to 10 mi...

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...s has, more lives can be saved and more massive problems like epilepsy can potentially be solved.

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