Mccarthyism And Mccarthyism

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Maria Jimenez
Ms. Delano
History 17B
November 26, 2014
Red Scare: McCarthyism The place was Grand Chute, a small town located in Wisconsin, the date was “November 14 of 1908”, this was the place and date of birth of “Joseph Raymond McCarthy.” McCarthy, a law student at the time that attended “Marquette University” and who was then elected as a “circuit-court judge” on the year 1939, was a man that no one believed to be capable of being the beginning of America’s hunt for the red individuals (Heale, 1998) (Latham, 1973) (Schrecker, 1994) (Steinberg, 1984). Most people give credit to Joseph McCarthy for the term McCarthyism, but this is in fact a lie, since the term that was used in the 1940’s and throughout the 1950’s had been in place
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While giving a speech at a town by the name of “Wheeling”, McCarthy directly attacked the “secretary of state” and gave out a list of people who were widely known by many to “work in the state department” but who were in secrecy involved in Communistic activities . The list that McCarthy gave out was not unknown, for it had first been “published by the secretary of state in 1946”. McCarthy was the chairman for the Senate’s committee on “Government Operations” along with that he also worked with the “Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations” that was also within the Senate . With the power that McCarthy possessed he was able to call forth suspected individuals that were presumed to be communist, if the individual refused to cooperate he/she was then sentenced to sometime in jail or worse off they would be fired from their job without hope of finding a new one . McCarthy was not only out to get people, he was out to get books that seemed to doubt the American system and it’s ways . Around “30,000 different books were removed from library shelves” due to McCarthy’s extremist views and fear of Communist takeover (Heale, 1998) (Latham, 1973) (Schrecker, 1994) (Steinberg,…show more content…
It was during the year of 1953 that McCarthy decided to “go after the military and the Communism that was found there”, he soon tested his own power by accusing “Robert Stevens, Secretary of the Army” as being involved in Communistic affairs. Due to this severe accusation by McCarthy the army begun to leak information about him, some of the information that was leaked explained that McCarthy had abused his power by trying to receive special privileges in the past . There was a televised hearing between McCarthy and the army that deflated the power of the words that McCarthy held, McCarthy was placed as a “Contemptuous, contumacious, and denunciatory” man and soon lost the place as chairman of “The Committee on Government Operations” (Heale, 1998) (Latham, 1973) (Schrecker, 1994) (Steinberg,
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