Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman

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It appears Maya Angelou could answer the timeless question what does it mean to be a women?” She shows her confidence and pride in her identity as a women in the poem “Phenomenal Woman” that I found on the internet. She says,
It 's in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I 'm a woman. Phenomenally, . Phenomenal woman, That 's me. (Angelou)
There are many literary works, like the one above by Angelou,
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One’s pretty lively when ruined,” said she. (Lines17-20) This women seemed to be a women because she was loved. Now for an example of loving others, in the fiction story by Toni Cade Bambara called “My Man Bovanne,” giving purpose. In this story the main character, Miss Hazel is a good example of a woman. She is not always loved by her children. They are disrespectful to her at times. Her children in this story were also being disrespectful to the older blind man named Bovanne by ignoring him. She noticed and had been dancing with in a risqué way, trying to be loving towards him. The main character says, “I don’t answer because I know I’ll cry. Terrible thing to have your children talk to you like that.”(Bambara, 97) One of her children had said she was acting “like a bitch in heat.”(Bambara, 97) Instead her children’s comments stop her, she is not ashamed of her actions. She takes Bovanne home with her. Miss Hazel has a renewed purpose of loving others, even though her ways might be more controversial than others ways. It says in the story she says, “you got to take care of the old folks.”(Bambara, 98) The McNair Scholars Journal, a periodical, it says “Love and attraction appear to be universal emotions.” (Braxton-Davis, 12) It is likely Miss Hazel’s character was trying to speak the “universal language” and not trying to be controversial at all. She was an example of being a women by…show more content…
Granny Weatherall was a women who was jilted. Her character knows quite a bit about both rejection and love. It appears that even in rejection, this women still became a women by being loving and being loved. She still holds on to those bad times as well as the good. Evidence of that in the story is that she has letters, “All of those letters- George’s and John’s letters and her letters to them both.”(Porter, 265) Granny seems to be bitter about somethings, but not about the life and love she had with her husband. Granny says, “I wouldn’t exchange my husband for anybody except St. Micheal himself.” (Porter, 210) Though not ready for death, “I’m not going, Cornelia. I’m taken by surprise,” (Porter, 270) she seems to have a purpose brought by love even in death. She had a loved one that she wanted to go see. “Granny made the long journey outward, looking for Hapsy.”(Porter, 270) Her loving, though full of loss, seems a prime example of what it means to be a
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