Mathematics: The Most Important Stages Of Education

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Education is the most fundamental part of everybody’s life, it starts while you are in the womb and ends when you die. Education has been around since the stone ages; through the years we have done countless research on how people learn, and education has come a long way since then. Such as learning about cognitive development, and learning how we all think at different stages of our life. Learning about the different learning styles people have, such as “impulsive learning style which students respond quickly to a question or a task, and reflective learning style which students take their time to collect the information needed to answer the question” (Snowman, McCowan 92). Though education has advanced so much over the years, and the…show more content…
It is everywhere in everything we do cooking, driving, working out, buying something, working and a lot more. In western cultures, such as Japan and China, they have one of the highest math education ratings, compared to the United States. One of the reasons for this is because they view math and how to teach it differently than what the United States does. According to Cai and Wang (2009), Western cultures view math as a set of relationship concepts facts, and procedures. They also view that memorizing a set of math skills leads to a route to understanding. To help students learn math better they encourage the students to use concrete knowledge to understand math more. While America views math as a set of procedures and skills and that route learning is led by memorizing. And to help students learn math they encourage students to apply it to real life situations. Teachers in western cultures also approach math as energetic and enthusiastic about math, while in America there are teachers that approach math as boring and…show more content…
With science, you must have labs, hand on experiments for kids to fully understand science. Just like every other subject that is taught it must have objectives, teaching content, and lesson plans. According to Takemura and Shimizu (2016), the objectives in Japan are selected in which students are encouraged to respond to the material in a positive manner. Also, the objectives for science help point out the beauty in life in Japan. The teaching content that Japan has is similar of that of America’s, but Japan encourages the same behavior from their students for science as they do for math. The only differences are they are encouraging more growth for scientific thinking. For the lesson plans Japan focuses more on direct instruction while The United States lesson plans focus on constructivist approach and guided learning. Though both countries have good ways to approaching how to teach science to learners. The United States should take away more from Japan because in early elementary they have labs and equipment that allow kids to have hands on activates. Also in Japan, they use museums more while in The United States teachers want to use YouTube more to help teach science. The more hands on activities early learners get the more interested they will become in science. So, if The United States starts teaching science how

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