Materialism Vs Idealism Essay

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After Immanuel Kant, there was so much that went on such as the start of the Contemporary theory of science. Before all of this aroused, the big argument was idealism versus materialism. This was big because modernism had made people choose which side between the two concepts. There were a lot of disagreements between the two because a lot of people were still stuck on the concept of materialism. Materialism is the physical appearance of everything , and that everything is made out of atoms and matter instead of just being the physical appearance of the object. At this point in time Materialism was the dominant voice in science. But as time starts to go on more and more people start to turn towards the new concept of idealism, which is basically stating that instead of the physical appearance of an object is actually not made of atoms, and it is just perceived that way in our mind. For example, people who believe in Materialism would say that a cup itself is not just a solid, but it is made up of atoms and electrons. On the other hand, Idealists would say that the cup is just a solid, they wouldn’t mention anything about the atoms or electrons. Along with the disagreement between Idealism and Materialism, there were also many developments that aroused after Immanuel Kant. These developments range from non-Euclidean geometry, to several philosophers working with the quantum theory, to Werner Heisenberg discovering the uncertainty principle.
First, non-Euclidean geometry starts with two geometry methods. These are based off of axioms related to the ones that are sorting the concept of Euclidean geometry. Non-Euclidean geometry arises when either the metric requirement is relaxed, or the parallel postulate is set aside (Non-Euclidi...

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...with them being connected in some type of way this made the essay easier for me because I could understand the three developments that I talked about. Because they were somewhat linked together because they were mainly around the same time period. So therefore the concepts that developed from Kant’s “Idealism” idea helped how the world is shaped now and how it has evolved from those time periods. The development that I think was the most important and interesting to me would have to be the non-Euclidean geometry one, mainly because I love math and I just found it very interesting on how they founded the whole development. One reason is because I never heard of the concept. I only have heard of the Euclidean geometry that we do in high school. Another key point would be that the development of non-Euclidean geometry showed a lot of people a whole new way to do math.
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