Mass Incarceration Research Paper

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Prisons have been part of our criminal justice system for very long. “Few people find life without the death penalty difficult to imagine” (Davis 9). Since sentences within prisons have always been around, society has made us think that prison is the only punishment for criminals. In these excerpts it is stated “… more than two million people (out of a total of 9 million) now inhabit U.S prisons, jails, youth facilities, and immigrant detention centers” (Davis 10). This is a shocking fact because two million people are being oppressed by the law. Two million out of nine million is a huge number that inhabits prisons of one single country. More and more people are incarcerated every year and the numbers keep growing. Mass incarceration during

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how society has made us think that prisons are the only punishment for criminals. the rapidity of this production made society view this as normal.
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