Mary Szczepaniak Case Summary

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hank you fore referring Mary Szczepaniak, a 63 year old lady who required admission to ICU post-operatively due to hypertension that is presumed due to anaphylaxis. Mary underwent a right uncemented total hip joint replacement with excision of a trochanteric bursa on the 4th of May. Anaesthetics included Midazolam, fentanyl, propofol, rocuronium and she also had a dose of cefazolin and gentamicin intra-operatively. She required some ephadrine and aramine intra-operatively but remained relatively normotensive? throughout the procedure. Mary returned to the ward around three hours after the operation and at the time, had a blood pressure of 105/85. Blood pressure was relatively stable until 11.30am the following morning when she was
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