Mary Maloney: A Short Story

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Mary Maloney was never caught. The case remained unsolved, and a funeral was held for Patrick Maloney just few weeks after. And just like that, life went on. Mary moved far from that wretched town, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and ended up marrying a rich man- a slightly forgetful one, sure. But she loved him dearly, nevertheless. Mary had become so content with her new life, that she had nearly forgotten about her old one. But she never forgot the day that letter arrived in the mail, a big, fat, red stamp placed boldly on the center of the envelope. She recognized he stamp immediately- the bank. Probably just another check, she thought dismissively. Her husband owned a large scale company who worked in close quarters with the bank- at least, that’s what Mary hought. Carefully, she opened the envelope, and pulled out the paper inside. Dear Mr. Jones, the paper read. You …show more content…

“We’re having lamb tonight.” “Sounds great sweetie…” her husband trailed off again. Annoyed, Mary made her way to the garage. But when she opened the meat box, she didn’t get the chill that she normally did. Mary thought nothing of it, grabbed the lamb leg, and skip-walked over to the living room, where her husband, now indulged in his newspaper, sat on the couch. A rush of adrenaline filled her as she raised the lamb leg over his head. But when she brought it down… squish. She glanced at the deformed meat, realizing her mistake. Then a groan sounded below her. Lowering the meat even more, she glanced at her husband’s still very alive face. He looked at her, and then the meat, alarm and confusion flashing through his gaze. “Did you… did you just try to kill me?” he mumbled, clearly still in shock. She nodded slowly. Her husband glanced again at the piece of deformed meat she still held in her hand. “You must have forgotten to plug in the meat freezer...” She gave a tiny smile as he said

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