Fish by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen

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1857 words
1857 words

Fish by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen

In Fish written by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen we find a woman who moved to Seattle from Southern California with her husband her two children. This woman Mary Jane Ramirez had everything going for her she was a happy person who had a happy life her family their relationship couldn't get any better. They both had good jobs, jobs that they enjoyed. Then one day, twelve months after they had moved to Seattle Dan her husband was rushed to the hospital with a burst aneurysm he then died. After that incident everything changed for Mary Jane especially when she took an offer to work on the third floor for First Guarantee Financial.

Mary Jane was a woman from California she was married to a man by the name of Dan and they had two children Brad and Stacey. They had to move to Seattle because her husband Dan had gotten a job offer at Microrule. When they moved it wasn't long before when Mary Jane found a job as a supervisor at First Guarantee Financial, this was one of Seattle's largest financial institutions. Everything had been going good for both of them. Then after twelve months of being in Seattle Mary Jane's husband was rushed to the hospital with a burst aneurysm unfortunately he never regained consciousness and then died. It was real tough on Mary Jane but she went on, she had to support her family as a single parent. So three years had gone by when Mary Jane accepted a promotion to move up to the third floor at First Guarantee Financial. The third floor was a place that everyone talked about they basically bad mouthed about them, they did not have a good reputation. They were known as the energy dump. The only reason why Mary Jane was taking this job was because when her husband passed away not all the medical expenses were covered so she had to pay for them and provide for the family. At the same time she wondered what had she gotten into. If she only knew what she had in for her?

When Mary Jane came into the third floor she was the third person to have this job within the last two years. Things did not start out good for her she start noticing the way people worked and she then realized why the third floor had its name.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mary jane ramirez moved to seattle from southern california with her husband and two children. they had a happy life, but dan's aneurysm caused him to die.
  • Narrates how mary jane's husband, dan, was rushed to the hospital with a burst aneurysm and died. she had to pay for medical expenses and support her family.
  • Describes mary jane's experience at the third floor, which was disorganized and a toxic energy dump. she was surprised when she heard lonnie talking to her about the fish market.
  • Narrates how lonnie told mary jane that if they came in with a nasty attitude, they'd have bad days, but they made the best out of their day.
  • Narrates how mary jane learned that her sons and lonnie needed to have fun and play, be good with their customers and co-workers, and make their day. she planned a field trip to the fish market.
  • Narrates how mary jane gave her team an assignment to improve their work and congratulated her on her efforts.
  • Opines that no matter what kind of job we have, we can change the way we do our work if we change our attitude. we should not let the bad get the best of us.
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