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The roots of Marxism:
The Marxism theory is one of the oldest theories used in the media. The roots of Marxism related to the economic theorist Marx. He created this theory in 19 century. The ideas of this theory is concerned on the social and economic power relationships. He saw that the elite people; people who have a lot of money or they work at the high positon in the government and they exploit their power in order to maximize their profits and increase their wealth. He called these people bourgrasie. The second group in this theory is proletariat; the proletraite people means the people who has no power just their labor to earn money to live. They work in order to assist the burogrse people to get more profits.The burograsie the only …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the roots of marxism, which is related to the economic theorist marx, who created this theory in 19 century.
  • Analyzes the relationship between the marxist theory and the media in media studies.
  • Argues that the mass media is a'method for generation' which in entrepreneur society are in the responsibility for decision class.
  • Analyzes the strengths of the marxism media theory, which focuses on the importance of economic and political interest in the production of mass media.
  • Argues that marxism is one more belief system, while some marxists are blamed for being 'excessively opinionated'.

All of us are sure about the mass media affects every aspect in our lives. The way in which we see our world and our perspectives are designed and influenced by the media; we are affected by what media tells us. That created two kinds of activities; one seeks for creating a better media coverage and the other group believe that the media is clearly a tool for the capitalists class (the government and the big business) to manipulate the other class to maximize their profits. Noam Chomsky, in his book Manufactured Consent, has argued that corporate ownership results in the interests of the ruling class being represented in the mass media. His theory assumes that the mere capitalist ownership of the mass media determines the content of the media. To be sure about this argument, In united states nowadays the 6 largest companies such as CBS, Disney and news crop owned the majority of media outlets. In addition to control the radio, television and newspaper; they control the advertising. Also there are other big companies; who are not involved directly in the media production; but they are major stockholders. They consume the audience and grab their attention through the …show more content…

It concentrates on the way of philosophy helps us to deconstruct underestimated values. Ideological investigation helps us to uncover whose reality we are being offered in a media content. While Althusserian Marxism undermines the myth of the self-governing individual, other neo-Marxist positions see the mass media as a 'site of battle' for ideological importance, opening up the likelihood of oppositional readings. Marxist hypothesis underscores the significance of social class in connection to both media possession and audience elucidation of media messages: this remaining parts an essential calculate media investigation. While content examination and semiotics may reveal insight into media content, Marxist hypothesis highlights the material states of media generation and gathering. 'Basic political financial specialists' study the proprietorship and control of the media and the impact of media possession on media content cannot be overlooked. It likewise stays essential to consider such issues as differential get to and methods of elucidation which are molded by financial groupings. Marxist media looks into incorporates the examination of representation in the media (e.g. political scope or social gatherings) keeping in mind the end goal to uncover hidden belief systems. Regardless we need such investigations; the oppositional it might now and again

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