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In the United States, socialism is widely viewed as ‘bad word’, as an insult of sorts. There is no better example of this than in the last presidential election, when the right would routinely use the term to criticize president Obama and his peers. Despite the fact that many Americans still place a taboo on the term, socialist ideals such as universal healthcare, a merit based university system and stopping the greed of the upper class are becoming increasingly popular. Over the past few hundred years, capitalists have destroyed our planet and our people in search of a profit, and the need for change has never been greater than now. Thus, in order to guarantee fair treatment to all individuals and be able to live sustainably on our planet for many more generations, socialism must become the dominant economic system on our planet.
Socialism is often defined as the publicizing of all major industries, as well as spreading wealth nearly evenly, and eliminating an economy based on private control of capitol, in favor of one defined by public control. ( articles/what_is_socialism.php). Contrary to popular belief, socialism does not mean total or complete financial equality, a hard working person will still be better off than a lazy one. The major industries that would be publicized include energy, agriculture, healthcare and education. Some industries, such as communications (internet, cell phones etc.) would not be in order to prevent state abuse of them, but all big monopolies would be abolished.
Over the past few hundred years, when capitalism was our planets dominant financial system, human beings were turned into resources to be exploited for profit, and the vast majority of our plane...

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... certainly not how we are intended to live, and thus to claim that socialism is the radical ideal is preposterous.
Capitalism has failed because it has allowed a small group of people to exploit people and land as nothing more than objects to be consumed for profit, leaving a tortured populace and a wrecked environment. Socialism advocates for fair treatment of all individuals and respect for our planet and our peers, and is thus should be set up world wide in order to better the lives of all humans and better the planet for the sake of our continued residence here. Unless this happens, the already alienated working classes will sink even lower, a few barons will grow even more powerful, and our already tired earth will stop sustaining us and destroy us, as warming climate, a result of insane industries, will eventually leave our planet practically lifeless.
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