Marxism And Imperialism Essay

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Imperialism and the hegemonic stability theory are used in different period of time which helps the countries to expand themselves. Firstly, let’s look at the neo-Marxist theories of imperialism. It refers to imperial government that is ruled by an emperor to earn and hold colonies and dependencies by extending the rules or authority of a nation over foreign countries. The key representatives of the theories of neo-Marxist on imperialism are Sweezy, Paul Baran, Andre Gunder Frank and Amin. Sweezy states that imperialism is a stage in the development of world economy. (Baran, Paul, and Paul Sweezy, 1968)He pointed out that there are several reasons such as the dominant form of capital is the monopoly capital and the rivalry in the world market had led to cutthroat competition and international monopoly combines. For Baran, he thinks that there is a clear connection between monopoly capitalism and imperialism. (Baran, Paul, and Paul Sweezy, 1968) Imperialism is an integral portion of the political and economic order of capitalism, it is unavoidable characteristic of a system of international domination and global capitalism. The control of imperialist powers over undeveloped nations means that there is a lack of industrialization and the stagnation of the economies of the undeveloped countries which is leaded by the advanced capitalist countries. Frank who is another representative of neo-Marxist on imperialism states that imperialism was deeply relevant to the World Systems theory. (Frank, Andre Gunder., 1975) The world system fundamentally is a social system. The feature of modern world system is the division of labor which can be exchange when provision of needs to magnifies and legitimizes the power of some groups within the sy... ... middle of paper ... ...lobal economy and unilaterally stop the convertibility of the dollar to gold. The US could unilaterally control the global economy by insisting that the United States dollar became the unique backing of currencies and a reserve currency for all the member states. (Strange, 1996) In conclusion, we can see that there are different feature between the imperialism and the hegemon stability theories. The hegemon stability theories happened when the leading strong countries have the advance of the political, military force and economic aspect in order to rules geopolitically subordinate states. On the other side, the imperialism means the unequal human and territorial relationship. It is an extension of its own countries by control another states or people over another to maximize their profit. However, this will lead to wars between the empires such as World War I.
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