Martin Luther

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People are human not robots. We have the ability to think and make our own decisions. We own our own destiny and we can choose what to do wit. But what if the ability to make decisions on our own became corrupt? What would society become? In the present-day and in the society we live in, we have the given right to pursue anything we want and desire. These rights, throughout the Middle Ages, were unavailable for the common man. The Church told you what to think and what to believe in. However, there was hope because Martin Luther was determined to change this. He was a man who noticed many flaws in the papacy and desired to change them. Martin Luther changed society immensely and to the point where a religion was based upon his ideals, and he ultimately changed society for the better because he exposed the corruption, translated biblical texts, and he pointed out many flaws in the Church’s teachings.

The Church, during the Middle Ages, can only be characterized by corruption. When such an overarching power has no boundaries, they begin to overstep their rule. The Church at this time had more power than the secular rulers; this means that ultimately the Church had power over the people and everything else.(Gerrish 45-53) The Church, in a way, can also be compared to a tree. A tree starts from the ground and it begins to get bigger and bigger and stronger, but over time the original tree became inexistent. The roots, in which it was based on, cannot be seen now but the tree itself just keeps growing. The tree from the time it was planted to the time it reaches its peak is very different.

The roots are what the Church was essentially based upon. The roots in this case were the bible. The bible is said to be th...

... middle of paper ... Roman Catholic and there was Protestantism. The Protestants differ because they put more emphasis on the exact translation of the words of God. They take the bible literally and believe in the words of God. For the most part, only the Holy Roman Empire converted to Protestantism while in the rest of Europe they remained Roman Catholic.(Lord, 96-99,103-108)

Martin Luther had a lasting effect on society because he reformed the Church by exposing their corruption, translated biblical texts and eventually a religion was named after him. Martin Luther’s had a great lasting impact on society. His works and ideas were spread throughout Europe and they would greatly change the future. Although the Church’s corruption threatened prosperity, Martin Luther had managed to change for life the better. Martin Luther’s had a great, monumental impact on European society.

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