Marriage Rituals Hinduism and Muslim

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Marriage is a significant social event in contemporary society. It is a means of building new bonds between two individuals and their subsequent families. The foundations of memorable weddings are built on those that bring often-distant family and friends together for the occasion, while dressed in their most sophisticated attire, surrounded by elegant flowers, a night of dancing, captured through the lens of an exceptional photographer. Although Hinduism and Islam are two extremely distinctive religions, their matrimonial customs do share some comparable elements, like most other cultural wedding ceremonies. In both religions, they are devotedly obedient concerning religious and cultural practices in their marital ceremonies.
Weddings are an important rite of passage for both of these faiths and both Hindus and Muslims place heavy emphasis on their wedding ceremonies. Another similarity these two contrasting faiths share in terms of their marital customs is that both Hindus and Muslims spend extravagant amounts of money to ensure that there is a high level of entertainment, amusement and inspiration in their weddings. As well, both Hindu and Muslim ceremonies are family oriented resulting in large weddings. Also, like any wedding, regardless of faith, the extent of how lavish the wedding is and the cost depends on the class of the family. Generally, wealthier families spend excessive amounts of money to have a wedding that is both extravagant and displays the wealth of the family. Whereas, families that are low class generally tend to just meet the minimum requirements that are needed to arrange a wedding. Hindus and Muslims commonly use live instrumental bands as their musical entertainment for their weddings and usually incorp...

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...ifferent religions, they are also very much the same in relation to their marriage rituals and encompass various customs in their marriages.

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