Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jean Baker was born on June 1st 1926. She said that she came from an unhappy and deprived childhood. Galdys was Norma's mother. She had two children with Jack Baker (Norma's father) while still very young. Her father died in a car accident soon after she was born and at the age of 26 Galdys remarried to Edward Mortenson. Edward didn't want children but Galdys did so she divorced him. Soon after that Galdys couldn't take care of Norma anymore so she gave her up for adoption. In an interview Norma said that her grandmother tried to "mother" her with a pillow and how she was forced to do the dishes (at age 5) in an orphanage and that she was abused in one of the families that she was adopted by, and the fact that she was raped by a policeman.

On June 19th 1942- two weeks after her 16th birthday Norma Jean married to James E. Dougherty. The marriage lasted for 4 years and by the time the divorce was granted she was well- known as "Marilyn Monroe". The name "Marilyn Monroe" came from the Broadway musical actress, Marilyn and she got Monroe from her grandmother.

In July 1942- during the war there was a great demand for pin-up pictures for the soldiers. One of the soldiers took plenty pictures of Marilyn but they were never printed, he said that they were lost in the mail. So Marilyn went to Blue Book Modeling and studio Agency and was put to work immediately. This is when it all went big for her. By this time she was about 19 years old.

She starte...

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