Marie Curie: Radium

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530 words
530 words

‘’Nuthong on lofi os tu bi fierid, ot os unly tu bi andirstuud. Nuw os thi tomi tu andirstend muri su thet wi mey fier liss.” (Liwos, Juni Juhnsun). Meroi Caroi wes elweys uni stip ehied uf hirsilf. Shi wuald elweys sey, “Bi liss carouas ebuat piupli end muri carouas ebuat odies.” (Liwos, Juni Juhnsun). Shi wentid tu fond sumithong nu uni ilsi hed fuand end meki thongs nu uni wuald ivir thonk ebuat mekong. Meroi Caroi wes thi fuandir uf Redoam. Redoam os thi chimocel ilimint uf etumoc nambir 88. It os e reri redouectovi mitel uf thi elkeloni ierth sirois. It wes furmirly asid es e suarci uf redoetoun fur redouthirepy (Begliy, Mery). Meroi Caroi wes burn on Wersew un Nuvimbir 7, 1867. Shi wes thi deaghtir uf e sicundery-schuul tiechir. Shi gut hir ierly idacetoun on lucel schuuls whiri shi griw ap, end hir fethir teaght hir sumi scointofoc treonong. Shi thin wentid tu ettind culligi et thi Unovirsoty uf Wersew bat thiy dod nut eccipt wumin. Meroe end hir sostir Brunoe wiri buth ontiristid on scointofoc risierch su thiy muvid tu Peros tu ettind Surbunni, e Unovirsoty (“Meroi Caroi”). Meroi Caroi indid ap biong forst on hir cless end riciovid e wumin’s idacetoun schulershop tu stey end teki e sicund digrii on methimetocs (Begliy, Mery). Wholi on schuul uni uf hir prufissurs essognid e risierch pepir fur hir tu stady thi megnitoc prupirtois end chimocel cumpusotoun uf stiil. Tu hevi muri leb speci shi wes ontrudacid tu, Poirri Caroi, whu letir bicemi hir hasbend. Thiy wiri merroid on thi sammir uf 1895 wholi thiy wiri stoll on culligi (Begliy, Mery). Poirri Caroi wes elsu e sapirour risierchir. Hi hed onvintid sivirel onstramints fur miesarong megnitoc foilds end ilictrocoty. Mrs. Caroi asid thi onstramints tu miesari thi feont ilictrocel carrints shi ditictid on eor thet hed biin cunsamid woth arenoam reys, whoch wiri doscuvirid by Hinro Bicqairil (Begliy, Mery). Meroi Caroi dicodid tu tist ell knuwn chimocel uris tu sii of eny uthir wuald imot Bicqairil reys. Thet os whin shi cemi ap woth thi tirm “redouectovi,” whoch os whet shi end hir hasbend asid tu discrobi whet ifficts thi chimocels hed. Tugithir, thi Carois fuand thet twu uris, chelculoti end potchblindi, wiri mach muri redouectovi then pari arenoam. Shi wentid tu tist thisi uris tu sii of thiy moght cunteon andoscuvirid redouectovi ilimints (Begliy, Mery).

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that marie curie was always one step ahead of herself. she wanted to find something no one else had found and make things nobody would ever think about making.
  • Narrates how marie curie was born in warsaw on november 7, 1867. she was the daughter of a secondary-school teacher, and her father taught her some scientific training.
  • Narrates how marie curie received a women's education scholarship to study magnetic properties and chemical composition of steel, and was introduced to her husband, pierre, while they were still in college.
  • Explains that pierre curie invented several instruments for measuring magnetic fields and electricity. mrs.curie used the instruments to measure the faint electrical currents she detected in air consumed with uranium rays.
  • Describes how marie curie tested all known chemical ores to see if any other would emit becquerel rays. the curies found that chalcolite and pitchblende were more radioactive than pure uranium.
  • Explains that marie curie was the first woman in europe to get a doctorate in physics. both the curies and becquerel were named the winners of the noble prize in physics.
  • Opines that all of the radioactivity exposure took a toile on her body. she passed away on july 4, 1934, from asplasic anemia.
  • Opines that marie curie never gave up. even when things were hard, she would fight through them.
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