Marie Curie: One of the Most Influential Women in Science

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Marie Curie is commonly known for her contributions on radiation and her discoveries of Radium and Polonium and is seeing as one of the most important women’s to change history in science. She was born November 7th, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. Both of her parents believed that education was of great importance. Marie was the youngest of five children and when she was eight her oldest sister caught typhus and died. Less than three years later her mother passed away after fighting tuberculosis for five years. It is said that her first lessons in chemistry and physics were taught to her by her father who was a Professor of Math and Physics. Even though Marie had her mothers and sisters death she did not let it affect her academic success and was the best student in her class.

She graduated at the age of 15 from high school where she received a gold medal for her academic success. Marie knew she wanted to get an advance degree yet this was not possible since women were not allowed to enroll at the University of Warsaw. After graduating Manya as often called suffered what is now called depression. Her father then allowed her to spend a year with her cousins. Marie and her sister Bronya made a pact; Marie would work as a private tutor to help her sister pay her medical school in Paris. Once her sister was out of school she would help Marie pay for her education. However, in 1891 she was admitted to Sorbonne. While in school she was determined to overcome any obstacle such as not having such a strong math or science background and worked hard to become better in her weak points. Marie obtained two master’s degree in both Physics and Mathematical Sciences. She finished first of her class in her physics masters degree and a year later she g...

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...our operations she was able to see again. When sick Marie did not attend her lab but rather worked on her book Radioactivity. After visiting several specialists she was finally diagnosed with a blood related problem thought to be anemia caused by the great exposure to radiation. Marie Curie became the first woman whose accomplishments granted her the right to rest next to France’s most important men.

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