Margaret Thatcher's Climb to Power of Prime Minister

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Margaret Thatcher as Margaret Hilda Roberts was born October 13, 1925 in Grantham, England to Alfred Roberts, a grocer, preacher, and local mayor, and Beatrice Ethel. She, along with her younger sister, Muriel, spent most of their childhood in Grantham, helping with their father’s grocery business. Margaret’s father was active in local politics and brought up Margaret and Muriel as strict Methodists. He became Mayor of Grantham in 1945, but lost his position as alderman in 1952, when the Labor Party came into power. Margaret won a scholarship to Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, where she was head girl for the academic year 1942-1943. Her school reports showed academic consistency and brilliance in many extracurricular activities. In 1946, Margaret attended Oxford College and became the President of Oxford University Conservative Association, where she was inspired by the political works of Freidrich von Hayek; an influence that was evident in all her reforms and policies. Margaret graduated with second-class honors and earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1947 and moved to Essex to work as a chemist for BX Plastics. In 1950 was when Margaret first stood for Parliament and became the Conservative contender for the Dartford Labor Party seat. She became an instant media magnet because of being the youngest representative and only female candidate at the time. Margaret knew from the start that it would be almost impossible to defeat the Liberal Labor Party, but she still gathered fans who followed at her speeches. Though defeated, Margaret remained undaunted and tried as a Conservative candidate once more, only to be defeated once again. She soon married Denis Thatcher, who helped her rise in fame. In 1952, funded b... ... middle of paper ... ...uthern England and Ireland, swear by Thatcher’s philosophy. Margaret Thatcher had many challenges in her way, but she overcame them and was very successful in her terms as Prime Minister. Even Margaret had said that she didn’t think that there would ever be a woman as Prime Minister in her era, but she managed to prove herself wrong. She was strong, powerful, brave, strong-hearted, and spirited. Margaret conquered many of her fears and accomplished many things that some people wouldn’t think was possible. She demonstrated true heart in what she did and never gave up in what she believed in. That is one of the reasons why she is considered one of the many extravagant leaders in the world. She may have only been a woman, but she has confirmed that even the smallest of people can do a remarkable amount of things that can change the world into something magnificent.

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