Manual vs. Electric Tools

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Hand versus electric tools is a common comparison among a lot of carpenters around the world. Some carpenters may think hand tools are more efficient than electric tools, and some may feel it is the other way around. Either electric or hand/manual, any type of tool can get the job done in the right hands of a skilled carpenter. Electric tools are any tool that is powered by an engine, battery, and has a power cord. For example the circular saw, band saw, jig saw, miter saw, etc. Hand tools are used manually, for example hammer, screw driver, hand saw, tape measure, etc. Tools in general are needed for a carpenter to do any type of woodworking. Carpenters need both hand and electric tools to get the job done right and on time. Power tools are definitely more efficient than hand tools will ever be. In carpentry, electric tools are very important to a carpenter because they save time and they ease the troubles of woodworking.
Power tools are the best option for woodworking. Hand tools can take hours of stressful and mind numbing repetition. For example hand sanding can take forever depending on what they are sanding and it is very stressful on the arms after a while. Instead, power sanders are very helpful and they can complete the job a lot easier and quicker. When it comes to power tools let the tools do the cutting and do not force the saw. Although power tools are very helpful they still require practice to use a tool perfectly and to prevent an injury. Power tools speed up the building process of any wooden structure.

Power tools are very important in house building because carpenters can work a lot faster and get the house done so the family can move in as soon as possible. There are a few main power tools that every carpen...

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...ols can not do. For example drive in screws or nails, cut lumber with accuracy and precision, and also for their performance. Power tools have the facts and buyer demands to prove that power tools are better than hand tools. Without power tools all the buildings and houses in the world would not of been made so quickly. Big buildings could of took years to build with power tools and with hand tools it would take twice as long. Time would be wasted using hand tools instead of electric and it would be a lot harder to build homes and other structures. This world might of been very different without the making of power tools. Some master carpenters may think hand tools are better than electric but in reality electric/power tools are the most efficient way to be involved in carpentry.

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