Man's Best Friend Essay

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Man’s Best friend
When I was ten years old, I was curious about all categories of animals. Although a majority of children own pets as companions, I could not convince my parents into permitting me to have one. Until one day, my mother arrived home from an exhaustingly long day at work, with an immense smile on her face acting very suspicious. Before I could ask, “Mom what are you up to?” I focused my vision down into her arms. I was in comprehensive wide-ranging astonishment! I felt so extremely blissful, tears started to dominate my expression. In my mother’s arms, she held the most charming, brindle, dachshund puppy staring up at me with her vast chocolate eyes. Snickers loved to hunt lizards, swim in the canal and offer heaps of kisses. She remained loyal to my sisters and I; therefore, I will never forget the day she vanished. Losing track of Snickers wasn’t an infrequent episode. She was clever and discovered how to squeeze herself out of the tiny holes along the enclosure in our backyard. She would race down the boulevard as reckless as she could, and our neighbors would always tell us, “Your dog got out again.” During her escape, the pooch would be so difficult to catch because she ignored anyone except my father. As she dodged our petite hands from catching her, Snickers believed it to be a game; consequently, it would cause her to
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My father invited the woman in, I thanked her about one hundred times for rescuing my best friend. As I reflect on the situation, I believe we all learned a valuable lesson that day, never take for granted the belongings you have in life because you never know when you might lose them. Also, we learned never to walk Snickers without a leash. Snickers meant the world to me. She was my happiness when I was sad, my comfort when I felt alone, and my best friend when no one else was there for me. Snickers passed away a few years ago, but I will never forget my furry four legged
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