Manifest Destiny: Underlying Theme Used to Justify the Expansion West.

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Manifest Destiny was a religious belief that the Americans had the divine right, given by God, to expand west whilst converting or relocating anything in their way. Manifest Destiny-Is the underlying theme that is used to justify all the expansion west In 1803, The President Thomas Jefferson purchased the territory of Louisiana from the French government for $15 million. The Louisiana Purchase spans from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to New Orleans, and it doubled the size of the United States. ‘To Jefferson, westward expansion was the key to the nation's health: He believed that a republic depended on an independent, virtuous citizenry for its survival, and that independence and virtue went hand in hand with land ownership, especially the ownership of small farms. (he writes "Those who labor in the earth…are the chosen people of God.")’ In order to provide enough land to sustain this ideal population of virtuous yeomen, the United States would have to continue to expand.
The President sends an exploring party out (Lewis and Clark), the trappers and mountain men followed. They were essentially doing the same thing Daniel Boone did. Just later in history and pushing further west in an organised manner with government support. At this time there is much greater political significance as America must appear united (links to Texan conflicts)

2-3-The American ideals were based on the ability for one to gain what they want through hard work, however the other civilisations populating the Country could not fit in with this ideal and through manifest destiny they believed they had a God given right to expand for the good of their American culture. ( Politically links back as the Democratic government in poi...

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... and other minerals. Gold fetched a high price, so people went west to seek it. Just like any other commodity that brings a lot of money, gold miners were always hoping to strike it rich. (This factor stresses the importance of individuals desire to expand it is also a major breakthrough as they are among the first to populate the western coast of America.)

6-Mormonism had its origins in Central New York. But because of Mormonism's radical beliefs, they were driven out of this area. They first settled in Northern Ohio and then in Western Illinois (the town of Nauvoo). Finally, they went to Utah because they could go there and practice their religion in relative isolation without worrying about their practices and beliefs offending others. (This factor is the least significant however it doesn’t rely directly on manifest destiny however it is limited without it)

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