Managing Conflict Case Study

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Managing conflict is an important issue facing businesses of all sizes. The decision making process can be interrupted and made inefficient by conflict. In addition, after any type of change has been implemented, there is the possibility for conflict with employees and management. Conflict can arise from personal issues, difficulties at work, and other events with great impact. The results of conflict can range from harming the health of the individual to affecting the performance and financial stability of the firm. The points highlighted in managing conflict that will be covered in this paper are psychological, constructive and destructive, affective, accommodation, and compromise. Psychological conflict is internal to a person. It can stem from a person having no options when it comes to making a decision or from actually having too many opinions with no way to choose between them (Bateman & Snell 96). Indeed, the fear of change can be dealt with psychologically in ways that are not necessary. In certain cases it showed that conflict resulted from the fear of change on the part of employees. People act in ways to protect…show more content…
In this case the needs of all are considered and there is give and take on the issues. While this may be good in one’s personal life, it is possible that this style can also create more problems. Not everything needs to be solved through compromise if the issues are of extreme importance. A mix of cooperation you would find in the compromise style and assertiveness that is used in competing style makes up the collaboration style. Elements of these different styles come together and allow the participants to look out for themselves without completely ignoring the important goals of others. In this case unidentified opportunities are more likely to be discovered. Mediators can also be used to help smooth over disagreements in the attempt to resolve the
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