Management Case Study : Performance Management Case Study

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MGT 431 Performance Management Case Study It seems like this store is sinking fast and can use many changes. The new manager will have many challenges to take care of. Her job description will included the highest priority issues with this company will need to address first. In her job description she will need to start an HR scorecard, I think starting this will put things in perspective of what is wrong with this company and the changes that need to be made. I will give her a year to get a HR scorecard in place, the company needs a lot of work so this will take some time. The HR scorecard encourages flexibility and change because it focuses on the firm 's strategy implementation which constantly demands change. It is not just hitting particular set of number; they also get used to thinking about their own contribution to the firm 's implementation of strategy (Becker, Huselid and Ulrich76). You want these employees to feel like a team again and feel that they matter. In the job description as part of the HR scorecard I would include implementing an HR strategic role. The manager...
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