Malware and Phone Scams

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This paper is intended for either the workplace or the home user. This can be used for educational purposes to help users understand the dangers of downloading different malware and the causes it can have on your work/home computer.

There are many different types of malware on the internet right now and some are worse than others. Some can do very little damage to your computer and others can stop you in your tracks and render your computer useless. I’m going to discuss some of the different types of malware and what they do to your computer and how they work. After that I'm going to talk about how you counteract these issues and also what you can do to prevent these issues from happening in the future. Lastly i'm going to talk about a few personal experiences that I have had and what I have done to resolve the situation.

This paper will also cover one phone scam that is going around right now. There are multiple reasons why I am covering this phone scam. One, its one going around right now and the perpetrators are targeting the non technologically savvy and the elderly. The second reason to cover this phone scam is to show what the perpetrators do if you don’t pay their fees.

The first one that I'm going to talk about is spyware. Spyware is a program that is installed on a person’s computer without their knowledge. What it does is collect information about the individual such as passwords, banking information, and keystrokes. There is another one called a keylogger that also collects keystrokes. Normally a person would get spyware on their computer when they download a program from the internet. Suppose you download AVG free anti-virus during the installation of this program, which is free and a very good anti-virus, it will ask you if you want to accept the terms and conditions and you click next. After that it will go through a series of steps and during the installation it will ask for a custom or basic installation. At this point at the bottom of the installation box you would see another checkbox that is checked. This box is from a third party website and could have a form of spyware associated with it.
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