Major Themes In The Story Of The Prophet Habakkuk

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The author of the book Habakkuk is the prophet Habakkuk. There is not sufficient information about the prophet only that he mentions that he is a prophet. The prophet Habakkuk lived during the last days of Judah. Which is why it is believed the prophet Habakkuk “began his ministry before 605 BC” (p.449). The occasion the prophet Habakkuk wrote this book was because “Habakkuk could not understand why God worked the way He did” (p. 449). The purpose why Habakkuk wrote this book was to give words against Babylonia. Also, another purpose why the prophet wrote this book was because he wanted to show the people the importance of having faith in God no matter what. Some major themes found in the book of Habakkuk are, “God’s judgment and mercy, to…show more content…
He always took his worries and concerns to God because he knew that God was a sovereign, living, and just. In the beginning of the book, the prophet asks: “How long, LORD, must I call for help, but you do not listen?” (Habakkuk 1:2). The prophet Habakkuk wondered why God continued to allow Judah to sin. If God had all the power why did he no stop Judah from sinning against Him. However, God answered Habakkuk and said he had great plans. God’s great plan was to have Babylonia rule over Judah. The prophet Habakkuk was even more confused with God’s plans. Then God gave the prophet a vision. God told the prophet Habakkuk that judgment was near and people were to be either arrogant or faithful and trust completely in God. Moreover, Habakkuk speaks against Babylon as well even though they will be the ruler of Judah. After that, “the prophet Habakkuk, yields to God’s purpose” (p. 450). “The psalm of Habakkuk was a poem in praise of Yahweh’s just and mighty deliverance of his faithful people in the past, concluded by Habakkuk calm and absolute faith in Him” (Wedland,…show more content…
The prophet Habakkuk was not able to understand God’s plans. However, he did not stop living in faith. He remained faithful and decided to continue to believe in God. To live in faith is to not doubt or worry. Another theme was to continue to trust in God. “Yet I will triumph in Yahweh I will rejoice in the God of my salvation!” (Habakkuk 3:18). Earlier in the verse, Habakkuk 3: 17, it said that things may go wrong according to humanity but, that will not discourage him because he will trust in the God of his salvation. Things may go wrong but people should never stop trusting God. Humanity will never understand God completely. Some things will remain a mystery however that should not be a discouragement. Habakkuk did not completely understand why Babylon would rule over Judah but that did not discourage him, in fact, he decided to yield to God. Another theme found in the book of Habakkuk was God’s judgment and mercy. “God will bring Babylon down too, in His perfect timing” (p.450). God’s mercy is shown in Habakkuk 2:14, “But the righteous one will live by his faith.” God will be merciful to those who chose to have faith in God. These themes fit into the biblical storyline. It mostly fits into the redemption part. God is going to judge Judah however, He will redeem those who decide to live by faith. The prophet sets the example to have faith in God and live a faithful life. “Trough faith in Jesus
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