Macbeth in William Shakespeare´s Macbeth and Osama Bin Laden: Power Hungry

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Macbeth is the remaining contributor to turning himself into the power-hungry animal he is before he is finally taken down. Macbeth let himself get talked into killing Duncan; he rationalizes with himself to kill Banquo. He is too ambitious. As soon as the witches cast the prophecy that he would be King, Macbeth lets himself be jealous. Once it is an option, he realizes how divine it would be to be King. Now, Macbeth will do what is necessary to get there, even if he suffers terrible consequences. After killing Duncan, Macbeth suffers by not being able to speak. “As they seen me with these hangman’s hands,/List’ning their fear. I could not say ‘Amen’/When they did say ‘God bless us’” (2.2.38-40). Macbeth cannot utter the sacred words of God; moreover, this illustrates to the reader how terrible the consequences are psychologically for this murder. Macbeth is also jealous of the prophecy Banquo gets, which also drives him to kill Banquo. Soon after he kills Banquo, Macbeth hosts a banquet, where Banquo’s seat is left empty. Only Macbeth truly knows what has happened to Banquo. However, he hallucinates that Banquo is at the table with all the guests when Macbeth says, “Avaunt, and quit my sight! Let the earth hide thee./Thy bones are marrowless; thy blood is cold;/Thou hast no speculation in those eyes/Which thou dost glare with” (3.4.113-116). Macbeth is seeing Banquo at his banquet even after he ordered murders to kill Banquo and Fleance, Banquo’s son. Macbeth cannot believe his eyes, he is shocked at the sight of Banquo and he is losing his mind. Macbeth endures horrific hallucinations, falling into the depths of insanity. These two quotations in the play are very important because they emphasize how Macbeth has turned into a mon...

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...e of him controlling his life. Every person retains a monster inside of him or her, some are bigger and some are smaller. Osama Bin Laden had a goal: to hold power over the Western World. He killed thousands of innocent Americans with his terrorist planes; however, he achieved his goal. People all over the world are petrified of another attack; today, all airports have a thorough security check. The Taliban won in a way because they still have power over the world through the fear of terrorists. Osama Bin Laden was a monster who did not try to reconcile anything he had committed, and ultimately he died. Every person possesses a monster, like Osama; however, others try to stop it before it grows out of hand. What the reader is left to ascertain is that Macbeth is a monster because he let it control his life, or because he did not stop when things spiraled out of hand.

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