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A butcher is someone who brutally slaughters other human-beings. According to this definition Macbeth was a ’butcher’ by the end of the play. Macbeth becoming a butcher was brought about by his ambition for power, and how this ambition was used by the witches. Macbeth’s ambition is made obvious from the start. It is the thing the witches use get him under their spell,’All hail thee Thane of Glamis….Thane of Cawdor…..king’. Macbeth is intrigued by this greeting. When he finds out from Duncan that he has become the thane of Cawdor he whispers to the audience,’Glamis, and the thane of Cawdor, the greatest is behind.’ Macbeth is sure that he will become king. However at this stage he thinks that he will acquire it legally as he sees murder as,’fantastical’(I,iii,139). The story of how Macbeth descends into butchery starts when Duncan announces that Malcolm is to be,’Prince of Cumberland’(I,iv,39) and therefore Duncan’s successor as king of Scotland. Macbeth is now in a dilemma. He has just been told he will be king by the witches. Two of their prophesies have become true already. However, because Malcolm has just become king he cannot see how the third prophesy will come true. Macbeth’s wife solves his problem by telling him to kill Duncan. She tells him this after reading his letter to her and after hearing that the king is coming to her castle. She decides to’look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t.’(I,v,63-65). Lady Macbeth plays an important part in Macbeth’s spiral downwards into becoming a butcher by persuading him to commit his first murder. Macbeth doesn’t want to kill Duncan and has strong doubts about what he should do, as shown by what he says in act I, scene vii,’He’s in double trust here…..i am his kinsman strong against the deed , then as his host, who should against his murderer shut the door, not bear the knife himself’ Lady Macbeth changes his mind by challenging his manhood,’When you durst do it, then you were a man’ and, to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man.’(I,vii,49-51) He finally decides, after much tossing and turning that killing Duncan would be the best thing,’I am settled’. What Duncan said after the Thane of Cawdor was executed that,’there’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face’(I,iv,12-13) is proved when Macbeth says,’False face must hide what the false heart dost know’(I,iv,82-83)

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that a butcher is someone who brutally slaughters other human-beings. macbeth's butching was brought about by his ambition for power and how this ambition was used by the witches
  • Analyzes how macbeth's ambition is made obvious from the start. the witches use this greeting to get him under their spell.
  • Explains how macbeth descends into butchery when duncan announces that malcolm is to be prince of cumberland and therefore duncan's successor as king of scotland.
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