Lucy's Visit with the Faries

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Beginning: Once upon a time, a little girl named Lucy was playing in the park with her friends when suddenly it starts to rain and everybody goes running to their house. Lucy was a poor girl that was living in a very little house with her parents. The parents of Lucy didn’t have any money so they were trying to survive with the food they had left. One day Lucy was surrounding a cupcake factory and she stays a couple of minutes thinking of what wonderful it will be if she was the owner of that factory. When she was thinking she was imagining that she was in a big world only with cupcakes and that his parents were very happy because they weren’t living in bad conditions, in that minutes Lucy sees that in the factory was a door open so she enters see if it was like in her dreams. Lucy enters carefully to factory and starts exploring, suddenly a great man and he starts yelling at Lucy telling that this was private property and they had very secret things and was trespassing, Lucy quickly ran from the factory and never went back to get more. One day, she promised that he would avenge that...

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