Loyalty In The Movie Mean Girls

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The movie Mean Girls is about a bunch of high school girls who are only looking out for their best interest and bringing down other girls around them. This may just be a movie, but this movie is also a great representation of typical high school girls. High school years for girls are very awkward. All that most girls want to do is to fit in. This is not the case for all girls, but it is seen a lot in high school where girls will do just about anything to get peoples attention. They will dress differently, the act differently, they will go against their own morals, and they will backstab their friends. Then a girl will reach this moment in their life where they come to realize who they really are and what kind of person they want to be and most…show more content…
Josiah Royce is the author of The Philosophy of Loyalty and with in his book he talks about the fundamentals and importance of loyalty and conscience. Royce starts off by saying that loyalty is a belief and ideal. In order for one to find their loyalty they have to be able to choose what they are loyal to. People cannot impose loyalty onto someone. “A man is loyal but first, he has some cause to which he is loyal; when, secondly, he willingly and thoroughly devotes himself to this cause; and when, thirdly, he expresses his devotion in some sustained and practical way, by acting steadily in the service of his cause” (Royce 17). A person does not just go off of their own impulses when it comes to loyalty, people “look to their cause for guidance. This cause tells him what to do, and he does it” (Royce 18). But not everything a person is loyal to have to have a good cause. Some people are loyal to bad causes. Royce says that a lot of people are loyal, but they do not get credit for it because people are drawn to power. Therefore, if you are not in power people are not drawn to you. A person is loyal to a cause, but what makes a cause? “Our initial illustrations of possible causes were, first, a friendship which unites several friends into some unity of friendly life; secondly, a family, whose unity binds its members lives together; and thirdly, the state”
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